Digital Agility is a specialist information technology consulting firm founded in 1998.   Digital Agility has in-depth applied expertise in large-scale systems and application architecture and enterprise security integration.  

As a small firm which exclusively utilizes highly experienced and seasoned senior consultants, Digital Agility has successfully guided a range of Fortune 500 clients through challenging workflow and business process management implementations with complex automation and optimization requirements.  With proven skills in large-scale project and program management, organizational change, and performance engineering, Digital Agility can provide the risk-management expertise essential to successful implementation of critical business initiatives.  Please see our Skills Inventory for specifics.

We have a "virtual company" with minimal overhead and expenses,  with people currently located in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota and Phoenix, Arizona.  Please see our staff profile.

We're open to working with other agile people. See our corporate manifesto...



Revised 04/09/04